Our Vision (click)

The university has recently finished its discussions over its 2030 vision, and on your behalf, unions have commented on various aspects of this ongoing process.

Periodically, issues of strategy are brought to the Joint Consultation Committee for union views and we will continue to make suggestions to improve any vision coming from Court or management. We were involved in the discussions over the GCU Values and continue to press for those to be implemented to the full. Currently on Court, we have two TU nominated governors – EIS member Nick McKerrell and Unison member Ellen Gibson. Douglas Chalmers is currently elected as Academic Staff representative, which he has exercised from a position informed by his UCU membership.

We also comment every year on the Outcome Agreements which the university until now has had to agree with the Scottish Funding Council although the role of Outcome Agreements will be currently changing.

Aspects of past and current strategy which have caused and continue to cause concern to campus unions have included decisions around INTO (now dissolved) GCU New York, and GCU London.

The UCU indicated in March 2022 that they are setting up a working group to look at an ‘alternative vision’ for the University for the Common Good. This may develop into a wider project involving more unions.

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