Navigating current HR policies

There have been welcome changes in HR approach since the period of ‘restructuring’

One of the major roles of the trade unions at GCU is to negotiate over policies that affect your conditions at GCU. This normally takes place periodically by negotiations over individual policies (normally carried out in a group known as the ‘Policy Forum’ which is a sub-committee of the Joint Consultation Committee between TUs and management). The results are then reported to the JCC, and are then examined by the university management (Executive Board), and then the Staff Policy Committee of Court, and then finally endorsed by Court.

A major role of your unions then tends to be to make sure that management stick to the agreed policies and that they are implemented transparently.


The links below will take you to current policies as agreed with the Trade Unions as of April 2014. The overall HR page is found here

Policies around specific themes can be found below:

Some additional policies are still under discussion between the Trade Union side and management.

If you have any issues regarding these policies and how they are being implemented please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your union rep who will be very happy to give you support and advice.


Legacy records – we are pleased that HR attitudes have changed tremendously since the period of widespread industrial action during the ‘restructuring’ of the university in 2011. Some records of this (now superseded) legacy period are archived here

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