What’s happening on University Court?

We are pleased that the university has at long last begun to regularly make available copies of the Court minutes on-line (albeit in some cases redacted). Our position as Trade Unions is that Court meetings should as a rule be open meetings, with exceptions only where commercial confidentiality dictates. An incomplete set of court minutes are provided on the university website here. We have requested that the gaps be filled as soon as possible.   An incomplete set of court bulletins is also provided on the university website here. Similarly we have requested that the gaps be filled.

Alternatively, copies of the minutes and bulletins can be found below:

Academic Session 2013/14

30 January 2014  (Unconfirmed)
Issues dealt with include: GCU NY; SFC Outcome agreement; Peoples Strategy; Court membership; Procedures for Appointing Chair of Court; Finance and GP report including changes in international student income, introduction of long-thin modules; Market research on undergrad provision at GCU London; Students Association report

28 November 2013
Issues dealt with include: Visit to China; University Strategy 2020; SFC Outcome agreement; GCU Annual Financial Statement; Remuneration Committee Annual Report; Scottish Code of Good Governance; Finance & GP Report including changes in international income, and  costs of  GCU NY

23 September 2013
Issues dealt with included League Table position; Links with Algeria; Annual programme of work including refs to INTO and GCU London; GCU NY update; SFC self evaluation report; Outcome agreement approach; Statement to SFC on internal review, including refs to GCU London; Principal’s objectives; REF update.

Academic Session 2012/13

20 June 2013
Issues dealt with included Code of Governance; GCU Student numbers 2012/2013; Draft Budget 2013/2014; Key Performance Indicators update; Internationalistion Strategy GCU Global 6 Months Update; GCU New York Project Update; GCU London update; Students Outcome Report 2011/2012; Student Experience Framework 2013/2017; Student Association report; Strategy for Learning; Remuneration Committee Philosophy

No additional minutes made available as yet

Academic Session 20010/11
No minutes made available as yet

Academic Session 2009/10

Issues dealt with included Campus Masterplan including refs to INTO and refs to GCU London; Pension schemes; Student Association report; VERS scheme; Equality and diversity report, and court structures; Framework for staff working overseas; Audit committee report including refs to INTO; Draft Budget and Strategic Planning Forecast including refs to INTO and international contracts; Reprofiling and Restructuring Academic Portfolio

Issues dealt with included Release of Court documents; Progress of SLS; Remuneration Committee terms of reference; Economic Impact Analysis of GCU; Affiliation to University Alliance; Eco campus achievements; Code of Governance; Pensions; Buchanan House;

Issues dealt with included Progress of CBS; Code of Governance; Rewarding Commercial Activity; Informations systems policy; Review of court membership; Salary increases; GCU London initiative; SFC funding; Campus Masterplan; Staffing benchmarking; Governance; Student Association report; Finance & GP Committee report, including refs to INTO

12_February_2010 (Extra-ordinary meeting)
Issues dealt with included Proposal to establish a GCU London Centre; Potential Acquisition of Land adjacent to GCU

Academic Session 2008/09

Issues dealt with included Progress of BNE; University branding; Draft Annual Accounts including refs to VERS, INTO, Future funding; Disability Equality Scheme; Quality assurance and Internal Subject Review; National bargaining; Governance; Remuneration Committee report; PDAR; Rewarding Commercial Activity

Issues dealt with included Financial environment; Grameen activities; SFC potential reductions; INTO; School mergers – NMCW & HSC; Change in academic year; Overseas activity and income; Governance;

Issues dealt with included GCU Information strategy; Governance; RAE; Grameen; Proposed work in Palestine and Bangladesh; Student numbers; INTO; International Student Barometer; Student Association update; Campus Estates Masterplan; RAE; Commercial activities; 

Issues dealt with included Governance; Blackboard;

Court Bulletins

No additional bulletins made available as yet

Court Bulletin – 25 April 2013
Court Bulletin 25 February 2013
Court_Bulletin_13 December 2012
Court_Bulletin_ 1 November 2012
Court Bulletin – 27 September 2012
Court Bulletin 26 April  2012

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