What’s happening on University Court?

We are pleased that the university has at long last begun to regularly make available copies of the Court minutes on-line (albeit in some cases redacted). Our position as Trade Unions is that Court meetings should as a rule be open meetings, with exceptions only where commercial confidentiality dictates. The minutes of Court meetings can be found here.  A set of summary court bulletins is also provided on the university website here

Following a long campaign by campus trade unions throughout Scotland, the governance mechanism for Scotland’s universities was finally updated by the Scottish parliament, in the teeth of opposition from the management of the universities and following that, as well as two staff representatives on university Court – one from Academic Staff (currently Douglas Chalmers), and one from Professional and Support Staff (currently David Halliday), we now have two governors nominated by the campus trade unions. They are currently Nick McKerrell from EIS and Ellen Gibson from Unison. The nominees are periodically decided following discussions on the local Combined Union Committee.


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