Over (part 1)…….. but certainly not out

Today saw the last of the current UCU strike days in the on-going HE unions’ dispute with management over the unacceptably meagre salary increase of approximately 5 percent being imposed on all staff.

Ironically, while university sector chiefs are expecting staff with higher than ever workloads to do more for less, official inflation figures indicated a further rise in the yearly cost of living up to 10.4 percent for the twelve months ending February 2023

While our pickets endured frostbite like conditions last week, and dreich conditions earlier this week, today brought storm like winds as part of a yellow weather warning – but failed to daunt our spirits – or uproot our gazebo, which was well tied down.

Our reballot finishes on the 30th and we’ll be meeting soon after that to consider next steps.

Some pictures from today’s picket below:

At least there was no rain…

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