A nice way to end the (picketing) week…

As well as a long on-line interview on the Scotsman’s Video page (see below, or directly here), the UCU@GCU picket had the young team in action again today, helping their parents spread the message for fair pay.

And again – our students augmented with new faces, gave us so much support (before disappearing to add solidarity to another demo that was apparently taking place at Glasgow City Square)

And here’s a few more of the picket line at the main gate just after that (apologies to Ben and colleagues who were covering some of the other entrances)

We had the opportunity to have a brief chat with the Principal and with Meg Lustman, the Vice Chair of Court as they entered to attend today’s Court meeting. They noted that today’s meeting would not be attended by the academic staff reps, the Senate Rep and both TU reps, who didn’t think it appropriate to attend the meeting, given it was a UCU strike day.

We put the points to them about the need to change management’s original draconian intention to deduct strike pay in two huge lump sums, rather that staggering this which had always been the practice at GCU. We also argued that irrespective of the UK level wage negotiations – still at ACAS, for a third day currently, immediate action could be taken on workload at GCU – which is a key and consistent issue for all staff, given we have the third worst (ie third highest) student staff ratio out of all the Scottish universities.

We were assured this was being listened to seriously, so we will be looking out for action in these areas, while we continue to campaign for a better pay deal for all staff.

Unless there’s a breakthrough, the UCU will be back out putting our message across next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

STOP PRESS INTERVIEW – The Scotsman also came to the picket line and interviewed Douglas Chalmers today’s Picket Supervisor. You can see the video below:

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