Love was in the air…..but pay still wasn’t fair

We were joined in force by the Young Team today, including Piper and Asher, who made sure everyone knew that this strike was a family affair. Despite a tremendous Valentines Spotify Playlist by UCU President Catriona Mowat there was no obvious melting of the hearts at GCU management and pickets were left awaiting news from the ACAS talks which have been going on all day yesterday and today

The strategy of distributing sweets to GCU students certainly had an impact however

The picket line as always was solid and good humoured

As always we got some tremendous support from passing cars, augmented by our own whistles (thanks David!)

This was the first of two days joint action between UCU and EIS, which will be followed by UCU holding the fort so to speak on Thursday.

A final short video from a star of the show, who seemed to appreciate some good music and had a great time.

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