Weather, what weather? We want fair pay

Despite some good Glasgow weather (aka dreich, dreich, dreich, and the wind blowing a hooley) UCU and EIS Union members were out before 8 am today at Glasgow Caledonian making the case for financial justice and fair pay at our ‘University for the common good.
With some good Spotify playlists courtesy of Karen and others we made sure everyone near was aware of the case we were making for decent salaries and cutting workloads and the amount of casual contracts in Higher education.
Previous pickets have received lots of support from passing cars, lorries, taxis and even fire engines, and today was no exception with drivers responding to our ‘Honk for Fair Pay’ posters.
As always we were supported by a group of very helpful students who distributed student support leaflets.
Today of course, university sector workers are being joined by up to half a million other strikers in the biggest show of anger at our current government’s attempt to take away the right to strike in what they define as essential industries. So much for real civil liberties and human rights!

What’s next? Well the ball’s back in management’s court. Our national negotiators are always ready to discuss meaningful offers – and they have 70 thousand UK university staff behind them.
so let’s see some movement please.

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