Fierce, Fabulous and Feminist – fighting for our futures

Fierce, Fabulous and Feminist

The sun shone for the GCU pickets (and why shouldn’t it!) on the third day of the UCU’s action at Glasgow Caledonian when well over 30 pickets joined the several hundred members who were striking for better pay and conditions.

Earlier a selection of UCU Elves had made their point beside the GCU Christmas tree on their way to set up the early morning picket – in place again from 7.30 this morning.

Bah Humbug Scrooge – where’s our pay rise?

We were also very heartened this morning by a surprise donation from a passing member of the public – with no connection to higher education – who insisting on giving us money to buy everyone coffees and teas. He said it was ‘so important that somebody thought of young peoples’ future – since education was what would transform everything’.

Using our customised leaflet and our student produced leaflet as well as UCU Central’s ‘Enough is enough’ students and passers by were left in no doubt as to why we were out there.

Now it’s over to the University and College Employers Association – we’re waiting on a better offer – and hopefully good news before Xmas

A good mood all round – reflecting the justice of our cause

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