Little willingness shown by GCU Court to discuss with staff

Despite staff concerns about the investment of up to £15million into a New York hub, which still does not have a licence, and no students, and a wages bill of over £500k, staff members attending the lobby of Court were disappointed that no Court members, apart from staff reps, took any time to discuss their concerns with them.

In a contrast with the attention given by MSPs at the previous week’s lobby of Holyrood, the Court seems to have given little thought to the increasing concern in the university community over the use of critical resources. Some Court members took the joint union leaflet requesting dialogue (found here), but others did not take the leaflet.

A short video of the event (only on twitter at the moment) can be seen here.

Last year, the normal meeting for staff to question the Chair of Court, and staff governors was cancelled, in favour of an invite to staff to attend  a lunch time buffet with some members of Court. At present there appear to be no plans to re-instate the yearly meeting – which was the only one which allowed a video link with staff in GCU London.

Likewise the Trade Unions who requested observer status pending the two places being made available for TU nominees have had their request postponed for future discussion later in the year by Court.

Neither have invites to Court representatives to observe all-staff meetings (which were expressing concern about New York) been taken up.

Minutes of Court meetings which ought to be on the university website have not been posted since March of last year.

In her response to a joint letter from the Campus unions, requesting that 5 minutes were spared to talk to staff at the lobby, the chair replied:

“Thank you for the information about CUC’s plans to lobby Court members tomorrow and the suggestion that I come to hear staff concerns about GCUNY.  I’m afraid the latter would be difficult as it is already a very full day.  This includes a Court lunch at 12.30, followed by a presentation on the Caledonian Club, and we will move immediately over to the Board Room for the Court meeting”.

She went on to assure the Trade Unions that

“GCUNY has been a prominent item on the Court’s agenda since it took the decision to establish a presence in NY and seek a licence to award degrees.  This vigilance will continue.”

Speaking to the lobby before going in to the meeting of Court, Staff representative Douglas Chalmers, assured those present that together with Davena Rankin, he would endeavour to convey the feelings of staff to Court on this and other issues.

It is understood that following the lobby, the intention of the CUC is to call a meeting of staff and ask the chair of Court to address staff concerns about this issue.

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