Sign the petition to help save GCU Catering Staff jobs


A petition has been created on line which we are urging all concerned to sign. Hundreds of staff and students have already signed the paper petition that till today has been available at the tills in the refectory and other food outlets. It is our understanding that following pressure from the university, Cordia have now instructed the staff not to have the petitions available at the tills.

Apparently they have been told that petitions can be used if they are on a separate table. We can only think this is done to minimise the number of signatures that are being collected. If so, this would be a poor way to act in an institution dedicated to academic freedom and the right to express views.

The Combined Union Committee still believe that this can be resolved for the good of all, and in line with the principles of the Common Good that our university is noted for.

The campus unions believe the optimum solution is to take catering ‘in-house’ and deliver a diverse offering in that way. However, the key question right now is to get the redundancies off the table by the University, Cordia and the unions talking together.

Please help this by signing the petition on-line here.


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