UCU helps launch food bank collections at GCU

Douglas Chalmers pledged future work together with the Students Association

Douglas Chalmers pledged future work together with the Students Association

Local UCU branch president Douglas Chalmers, brought the greetings of the union to the local launch of the GCU students association food bank on 2nd March. Earlier the event had heard a moving speech from Denis Curran one of the coordinators of the loaves and fishes food bank, which amongst other things provides a sit down meal for forty people twice a week in a Glasgow church. Talking of young people who go to sleep hungry, wake up hungry and go to school hungry, Denis pointed out that for some of them the horizon of a university is subordinate to just managing to get by in their families.

The UCU had donated 50 bags of groceries and toiletries to the event, and Douglas talked of how the UCU branch saw work like this as part of their activity within a wider university community of staff and students, where the university meant more than just a business model.

Already the branch had cooperated with the Students Association on a register to vote initiative earlier in the year, and Douglas confirmed they were open to further suggestions for practical work together in the future.

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