Robert Gordon University recognises contribution of its staff.

Following the lead of UWS, Robert Gordon University, has also decided to embrace the spirit of Christmas and pay its staff a bonus   “to recognise the contribution of staff to another very successful period covering the financial year 2012-13”

The e-mail to all staff from their Principal is below. We’re still hoping for a change of mind from our management and a recognition of our current staff contribution at GCU………

From: Ferdinand von Prondzynski

Date: 15 December 2013 23:59:36 GMT
To: Staff – All

Subject: Recognition payment

Dear colleagues
One of the key strategic objectives of RGU at the current time is to look at ways in which the university’s staff can share in its financial successes, particularly where any success exceeds our targets. We will be working on a framework for this over the coming year, and you will hear more about it in due course.

In the meantime, however, the university is keen to recognise the contribution of staff to another very successful period covering the financial year 2012-13, during which we finalised the new strategic plan and moved ahead swiftly with its implementation. We propose to recognise this with a one-off non-consolidated and non-pensionable payment. This will be calculated at 1% of FTE salary at 31 July 2013, with a minimum payment of £250 and a maximum payment of £570. All payments will be pro rata for part-time staff. The minimum and maximum payments ensure that our lowest paid staff have a meaningful payment and senior managers receive no more than our highest ‘main grade’ staff. This recognition payment will be made to all staff who were in post for at least three months during that period
(1 August 2012 – 31 July 2013) and are still in post when the payment is made (or have not resigned in the meantime). I expect that this will be paid in February – you will hear more in due course.

I am hugely grateful to RGU staff for all your hard work and your commitment to RGU. I know that this payment is not huge, but I hope you will see that it does nevertheless reflect our overall reward strategy and our genuine desire to recognise the contribution our staff make to the university’s success.

Very best wishes


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