GCU Unions urge – Say no to austerity from Westminster or Holyrood

Unions at GCU are urging their members to sign the Peoples Charter petition of the Scottish Parliament.

The Charter was launched in the lead up to the 2010 General Election as a response to the economic crisis and the moves by the elite to use the financial situation to promote austerity. The Charter has 6 key themes: A fair economy for a fairer Britain; More and better jobs; Decent homes for all; Protect and improve our public services – no cuts; Build a secure and sustainable future for all; Fairness and Justice.

The People’s Charter is supported by the TUC and the STUC. UCU Scotland and other unions in Higher Education have been involved in the Scottish Organising Committee for the People’s Charter since its inception. This particular petition was lodged with the Scottish Parliament by the university’s own Vince Mills – vice president of UCU here.

The closing date is November 2nd. Many union members have already signed – if you haven’t done so yet – here’s your chance.

Sign the petition here

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