EIS urges YES vote at GCU for strike action on Pensions

During the week beginning 27 February 2012 EIS members should receive a ballot paper asking you to indicate whether you would support a further day of strike action on 28 March 2012. This action is being considered as part of an ongoing education trade union campaign against changes to the teachers’ pension scheme.


The last day of action on 30 November 2011 was very well supported and did persuade the Westminster Government to make some limited concessions. However, as its proposals stand, teachers still face paying more, working longer and getting less pension.

The Scottish Government continues to sit on its hands and make no attempt to engage in discussions on redesign of the Scottish Teachers’ Superannuation Scheme. Its only action so far has been to adopt and implement in Scotland the increased contribution rates being imposed in England & Wales with effect from 1 April 2012.

There is a real risk that the Scottish Government will simply continue to import into Scotland, without any meaningful discussions with teachers’ representatives, whatever changes are decided by the Westminster Government.

 SEJ Feb 2012For a fuller update on the current state of play on pensions please refer to pages 12-13 of the February edition of the SEJ. The SEJ can also be accessed online, together with other information on the EIS Pensions Campaign.

The EIS believes that the campaign for fair pensions must go on and is liaising with a number of like-minded public sector unions on a further day of strike action on 28 March. This will provide an opportunity to send a strong message, ahead of the enactment of increased contribution rates from 1 April, that teachers – alongside other public servants – do not accept the continuing erosion of their pension provision.

Your Executive Committee wishes to provide all affected members with an opportunity to re-affirm their commitment to this course of action. At the heart of effective industrial action is strong support among the membership at large. That is why it is important that you use your vote.



Said Nick McKerrell for the EIS at GCU:

“The triple whammy on our pensions which is planned by the UK government is fast approaching and this will have a knock on effect in Scotland. By mobilising for another strike day, we can show our continued opposition to these attacks. You should get a ballot from Monday onwards –

Vote YES for strike action on March 28th!”

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