First Minister re-iterates ‘Public Sector must avoid compulsory redundancies’. We say GCU management need to listen to this

Less than a fortnight ago, Angela Constance MSP, Minister for Skills and Lifelong learning re-iterated First Minister Alex Salmond’s view that whatever the pressures facing management in the University and College Sector, the Public Sector must avoid Compulsory Redundancies.

An extract is given below of her letter on 18th March to the EIS regarding the situation in Dumfries and Galloway college, where there is a firm commitment against compulsory redundancies, and a re-iteration of the need for management to listen to the union representatives.

While appreciating the difficulty the overall financial situation is causing, she explicitly states:

As part of the governance of bodies in the public sector, we expect members of University Court and of Senior Management of Glasgow Caledonian University to take heed of this, or publicly defend their position and why they believe they have the right to stay in management.

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